LAST CHANCE, Sin-Tiki Women's Aloha Shirt

LAST CHANCE, Sin-Tiki Women's Aloha Shirt


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LAST CHANCE 'Sin-Tiki' Women's Aloha Shirt

Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, Sloth, Lust, Greed, and Pride.
When seven deadly Tiki sins get together…it's a party, and we've got you covered!

Made from 100% Cotton. Button down. Fabric covered buttons.

Care: Machine wash on cold. Hang dry and iron on low heat.

In-stock, ready to ship.

Finding My Sizing Chart: Please refer to the 3rd photo in my listing.

For your perfect fit: Please use a measuring tape! Go by measurements, not size alone!
Hint: Find your perfect button up shirt from your own closet, lay it down on a flat surface and take it's measurements...then compare them to mine!

Matchy Matchy? My 'Sin-Tiki' Aloha Shirt is also available in a Unisex cut.

Jeff Granito designs his art with vibrant saturated colors and a tropical tiki twist.