Pre Order, Tiki Portraits Zombie Glasses, May Delivery

Pre Order, Tiki Portraits Zombie Glasses, May Delivery


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PRE ORDER Tiki Portraits Zombie Glasses Set of Two Glasses

This set of TWO glasses has a Tiki Portrait on either side.
You do not receive four glasses, and you do not need to purchase two sets of glasses to get all four Tiki Portriats. I have made it more cost effective to put all four Tiki Portraits onto two glasses. That way you can raise a glass with all of them, without a raise in price!

Image Detail

Glass 1 of 2 has these Portraits:
Front: Be-Heading to the Alter
Back: Gone With The Flow

Glass 2 of 2 has these Portraits:
Front: Tiki Crocktail
Back: Over A Barrel

The photograph of the glasses shows both sides of the glass. The set includes two glasses.

May arrival!

Both exotic and elegant, this set of Tiki Portrait Zombie Glasses are both frosted and
printed with full color art.

You'll also discover subtle see-through designs within the frosted element to
add an additional layer of sophistication.

The Zombie glass holds a 15 oz tropical cocktail

Hand Wash Only-Not dishwasher safe.

Jeff Granito designs his art with vibrant saturated colors and a tropical tiki twist.

Fun, quality tiki glasses. Love the subtle etching paired with the bright image overlay.

The glasses are really cool, however, not being able to get the four portraits on four glasses is a bummer. I think for the price I would skip these.

So wonderful we ordered two more!