Two Pillowcases for Fifty Dollars

Two Pillowcases for Fifty Dollars


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Indoor or Outdoor pillow covers-your choice, or mix and match!

Please use this list below for correct names of pillow covers so we get them shipped to you correctly.

You can view all INDOOR pillow cover designs here:

And view OUTDOOR pillow cover designs here:


ID Big Beautiful Tikimorrow
ID Birds of Paradise
ID Blue Tiki Cat
ID Californi-Aloha Bird
ID Calling All Spirits
ID Calm Springs
ID Drink Elephant
ID Fresh Pineapple Blue
ID Fresh Pineapple Orange
ID Hiwa Shiba
ID In Too Deep
ID Island Canopy
ID Isle Escape
ID Jungle Greeting
ID Jungle Juju
ID Lono Breeze
ID Menage A Tiki
ID Mod
ID Mod Drinks
ID Mod Tropics
ID Paper Umbrella Bark
ID Parrotdise
ID RedRum
ID Shrunken Head
ID Sin Tiki
ID Tattoo Breeze Ivory
ID Tattoo Breeze Lime
ID The Munsters
ID The Offering
ID Three Hour Tour
ID Tiki Planet
ID Tiki Portraits
ID Tiki Room Breeze
ID Tiki Toucan
ID Toucan Breeze
ID Toucannible


OD Distant Drums
OD Drink Elephant
OD Island Canopy
OD Jungle Cruising
OD Lono Breeze
OD Parrotdise
OD Three Hour Tour
OD Tiki Birds
OD Tiki Toucan
OD Toucan Breeze

Jeff Granito designs his art with vibrant saturated colors and a tropical tiki twist.

Oh my gosh, LOVE the colors, LOVE the print, LOVE the quality!!! Just ordered more stuff (stickers and prints) to add to our tiki bar area!! I cannot wait to show it off to our family and friends :)

The fabric is a great quality, very durable and sewn well. Nice zipper too!

I love the outdoor pillow covers I purchased. The material is high quality and the print of the design is crisp with vivid color. They are currently living on my deck furniture and look great!

First off, the pillow covers are beautiful and vibrant colors, they are made of a durable fabric, and they are just high-quality all around. Second, my questions were answered promptly, and some almost immediately. Third, the shipment was made very quickly and arrived ahead of when I expected them. So to sum it up, if you are looking for functional pieces of art to liven up your lanai, and you want to buy from someone who obviously knows how to run a business where he’ll get return customers, then you’ve found your pillow covers!